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Grand Pianos

Steinway Model A-II Grand Piano Restored Victorian 6'1''

A fully restored American classic. Breathtaking Victorian cabinet in figured mahogany.


Steinway Model S Art Deco Baby Grand 5'1'' 1942 Restored

Thoroughly restored in 2008. Features the rare and unique Art Deco cabinet.


Schimmel Queen Anne 5'9'' Grand Piano Mahogany 175

An heirloom-grade German grand. Awe-inspiring as a musical instrument, featuring a beautiful Queen...


Steinway Model B 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano Restored

One of the world's finest most celebrated pianos for over a century. Beautifully restored. A...


2001 Steinway Model L 5'10'' Grand Piano

A late-model, all-original Steinway grand. Rich and robust tone, handsome satin ebony finish.


Steinway Model L 5'10'' Grand Piano Ebony Satin 1967 Restored

A completely restored and refinished American classic. Beautiful warm, rich tone.

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Steinway Model A-III 6'4'' Grand Piano Ebony

A rare, classic Steinway A-III in great playing condition. Beautiful, powerful tone with great...


Falcone (USA) 9' Concert Grand Piano

A truly unique instrument, built in Boston by Santi Falcone. Phenomenal tone and power.


Otto Altenburg 6'8'' Grand Piano Polished Ebony

A large, modern piano from a respected maker at an amazing price!


Baldwin Model L 6'3'' Grand Piano Walnut 1990

Built new in 1990. Great musical condition, robust tone and responsive action.


Baldwin SD-10 9' Concert Grand Piano 1999

Originally part of Baldwin's Artist Series, a magnificent full concert grand. Built in 1999.


Steinway Model M 5'7'' Grand Piano Mahogany

A great playing Golden-era Steinway. Extensively serviced. Handsome rejuvenated mahogany finish.


Steinway Model M 5'7'' Grand Piano Dark Mahogany

A classic Golden Era Steinway, extensively serviced with a fully rebuilt action. Unique dark...


Kawai 5'1'' Baby Grand Piano GE-1

Built in 1995, privately owned, excellent original condition. Beautiful tone!


Weber Decorator Baby Grand Piano Queen Anne Red Mahogany 2007

Built in 2007, featuring a gorgeous satin red mahogany cabinet with Queen Anne accents....


Bechstein Model A Classic Grand Player Piano Vavona QRS PNOmation II

An elegant piece of German craftsmanship. A one-of-a-kind playing experience. Unique Classic burled...


Yamaha C6 6'11'' Semi Concert Grand Piano

An exceptional musical experience. Rare satin ebony finish. Powerful tone!


Steinway Model C 7'2'' Semi-Concert Grand Piano Rosewood

A classic 1800s Steinway that will become a centerpiece in your home after restoration.


Steinway Model L 5'10'' Grand Piano Ebony Satin

A classic Golden Era Steinway, extensively serviced and in solid playing condition.


Steinway Model L 5'10'' Grand Piano Ebony Satin 1964

Own this handsome Steinway for a fraction of the cost of the comparable new piano!


Steinway Model S Baby Grand 5' 1"

Steinway Model S Mahogany satin.Amazing instrument


Yamaha G2 5'8'' Grand Piano Polished Ebony 1994

Huge savings compared to the comparable new Yamaha C2. Rare quiet practice muffler rail.


Kawai Baby Grand Piano 5'4'' KG-1E

A beautiful, space-saving baby grand with a clear tone and consistent action.


Weber Player Piano QRS PNOmation II System

Handsome and affordable - Includes Nation wide delivery - QRS PNOmation player system included....


2013 Yamaha GC2 5'8'' Grand Piano

What a great find! A truly like-new Yamaha Model GC2 with bench. Built in 2013.


Yamaha C2 5'8'' Grand Piano 2004 Satin American Walnut

Excellent condition, one owner. Bold and powerful tone. Rare Satin American Walnut finish.


Steinway Player Grand Piano Model L 5'10'' QRS PNOmation II

A classic all-original Steinway grand. Handsome satin ebony finish. Includes QRS Player System...


Yamaha G1 5'3'' Baby Grand Piano Polished Walnut

Quite possibly the ideal professional-grade baby grand for the home. Rare polished walnut finish.


Yamaha G3 6' Grand Piano

Reconditioned about 10 years ago and in great condition. Crisp, clear tone with great body!

Four Star Certified Reconditioned

Yamaha G2 Grand Piano ebony polished 5'7"

Four of this arriving soon-Save one for your home

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Steinway Boston 5'10'' Player Grand Piano Polished Mahogany PianoDisc iQ GP178

A fantastic value! Excellent condition, polished mahogany cabinet. Plays itself with included...


Steinway Boston + PianoDisc 5'4'' Player Baby Grand Piano GP163

Plays itself with included PianoDisc system! Polished red mahogany finish. Beautiful American tone.


Kawai 5'10'' Grand Piano KG-2S Satin Ebony

Excellent condition. Rare satin ebony finish. Wonderfully warm and rich tone!


Kawai 5'10'' Grand Piano KG-2D

A handsome and wonderfully playing Japan-made piano. Clean and bright interior.


Yamaha Disklavier 5'3'' Baby Grand Piano GP1 1999

A quality Japan-made Disklavier baby grand. Plays itself with real moving keys.


Mason & Hamlin Model A 5'8'' Grand Piano

Beautiful, fully restored interior. An affordable, classic golden-era Boston Mason & Hamlin.


Baldwin Model L 6'3'' Grand Piano Walnut

Truly enjoyable to play, a handsome and well-built American Baldwin.


Yamaha Disklavier DC2 5'8'' Player Grand Piano

A top quality Yamaha C2 with a rich and powerful tone. Plays itself with real moving keys and...

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Kawai 5'10'' Grand Piano KG-2E

A handsome and wonderfully playing Japan-made piano with a gorgeous tone!


Yamaha C3 6'1'' Grand Piano Ebony Satin

Rare satin ebony finish. One owner, well maintained, great tone and touch.

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