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30+ Yamaha pianos have just arrived!

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Grand Pianos

Four Star Certified Reconditioned

Yamaha G3 6' Grand Piano

Possibly the ideal size for a grand. Beautiful in every way - visually and musically.

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Four Star Certified Reconditioned

Yamaha C3 6'1" Grand Piano

Yamaha C3 Grand 6' 3" of power and beauty

Four Star Certified Reconditioned

Yamaha Grand Piano 5'7'' Model G2

A completely reconditioned, absolutely beautiful Yamaha 5'7'' grand piano.

Four Star Certified Reconditioned

Yamaha C7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano 7'4''

A world-class performance instrument, found in studios and concert halls nationwide.

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Four Star Certified Reconditioned

Yamaha G5 6'6'' Grand Piano

This 6'6'' Yamaha has a big, beautiful sound. You're going to love it!

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Steinway Boston 5'4'' Baby Grand Piano GP163

Excellent condition, rich, warm tone. A fantastic value!


Baldwin Model L 6'3'' Grand Piano Satin Ebony

A handsome instrument will a powerful tone and responsive action. A quality American piano.


Petrof 5'7" Grand Piano Model IV

An attractive high-quality European instrument at an affordable price.


Steinway S Baby Grand Piano 5'1'' Ebony Polish

Built in 1990, single owner, rare polished ebony cabinet


Steinway M 5'7'' Grand Piano Ebony Satin

Steinway M in ebony satin. Privately owned by a single family, purchased new in 1974.


Steinway B Grand Piano 7' Ebony Satin 1930

Steinway Model B Grand piano, privately owned. What a great sounding instrument. This is a file...


Steinway M Grand Piano 1975 Mahogany

Completely rebuilt Steinway Action with all Steinway parts.


Steinway Baby Grand M 5' 7" Mahogany 1917

Beautiful Steinway Model M rebuilt


Kawai Baby Grand Piano 5'1'' KG-1C

A quality instrument in a space-saving cabinet. Handsome walnut finish.


Kawai Grand Piano 6'9'' GS50 Ebony Satin

Kawai's top-level grand, compare the current RX-5. Rare satin ebony finish!


Yamaha C3 Player Grand Piano PianoDisc IQ

Pre-owned professional-grade Yamaha with a great tone and appearance as you can see


Yamaha Baby Grand Piano 5'3" G1

Quite possibly the ideal professional-grade baby grand for the home.


Remington Samick Baby Grand 2005

Remington Baby Grand by Samick, this piano has just arrived - file photo


Hallet Davis Baby Grand Piano

Hallet Davis Baby Grand Piano 5'


Yamaha C3 6'1'' Grand Piano 1995

Privately owned by music enthusiast who kept the instrument in top condition.


Yamaha G5 6'6'' Grand Piano

This 6'6'' Yamaha has a big, beautiful sound. You're going to love this beautiful 1990 instrument.


Knabe Baby Grand Piano 5' Satin Ebony

A handsome and very affordable American-made baby grand.


Hyundai/Samick 5'9'' Grand Piano

A well-made Samick piano at a very affordable price.


Steinway Model D Concert Grand 9'

Stunning 9' concert grand. Well maintained, beautiful voice in fantastic condition


Horugel 5'8" Victorian Style Grand Piano

High-polish walnut decorator cabinet, a beautiful and unique grand piano


Conover Cable Player Baby Grand 4' 7"

Perfect Player piano size at 4'7" with the latest PianoDisc IQ System.


Weber Baby Grand 2014 Ebony 5' 2"

Brand new grand in a variety of finishes

Call for price

Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano 4'8'' Polished Oak

A great baby grand piano for tight spaces, purchased new in the late 1990s. Features an attractive...


Mason Hamlin 7' BB Boston Made - 1990

A unique and remarkable piano from 1990.


Bergmann Baby Grand 5' Ebony Year 2004

One owner piano with the tags still on it !


Yamaha 5'7'' Grand Piano Model GH2

Built in 1992, a great late-model Yamaha at a fantastic price!


Wurlitzer 5'8" Grand Piano Ebony Satin

A handsome piano with a real satin ebony finish. Purchased new in 1990.


Yamaha C3 6'1'' Grand Piano Polished Ebony 2006

An incredible buy! A preowned professional-grade Yamaha with a great tone.


Yamaha C6 6'11'' Semi Concert Grand Piano

An exceptional musical experience. Privately owned and extremely well-maintained.


Petrof Concert Grand 7' 9" Model II

Rich and powerful European sound, this is a ''must hear'' instrument!


Yamaha White Baby Grand Piano 5'7'' G2

Exceptional condition in every way with matching bench


Steinway Model S 5'1'' Baby Grand Piano 1997

Signed by Henry Z. Steinway. A well-maintained late-model Steinway baby grand ready for a new home.


Steinway M 5' 7" Figured Mahogany

Steinway Model M grand piano. very interesting

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